A single-vehicle crash in Baldwin County resulted in the death of one person. The fatal crash occurred on January 18 early in the morning. It was reported to the authorities at around 6 a.m.

According to Georgia State Patrol, the man who lost his life in the incident was identified as Marty Lee Stupak of Ivey. Stupak was traveling down the J.F. Hall Road when the accident occurred. The vehicle he was driving at the time was identified by GSP troopers as a 2004 Toyota RAV4.

As Stupak drove down the J.F. Hall Road just east of the Wilkinson County line, he appears to have lost control of the vehicle. Preliminary investigations show that the vehicle was traveling at a fairly high speed at the time. Stupak was trying to negotiate a curve to the left when the vehicle veered out of his control. As it did so, the Toyota RAV4 went off the roadway and onto the southern shoulder.

The vehicle remained on the southern shoulder for around 75 feet, then struck a mailbox before Stupak pulled it back onto the roadway. However, the driver overcorrected the vehicle. It traveled another 125 feet before it left the roadway on the other side, traveling onto the northern shoulder of the road.

Here the vehicle continued through a ditch and beyond before it finally collided with a tree after traveling around 75 feet off the roadway. Once it collided with the tree, the vehicle violently collided counterclockwise and finally came to a rest. 

The sheer impact of the collision caused Stupak to be ejected from the vehicle. The single-vehicle crash in Baldwin County involved no other individuals or vehicles. Once the first responders reached the crash site, Stupak had succumbed to his injuries. He was pronounced dead on the scene by the Baldwin County Coroner’s Office.

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