Police reported to the scene of an Interstate-285 fiery crash on Thursday, October 21. A man had just left the Atlanta airport, traveling with a truck full of thousands of candles. As he pulled up to the intersection of Atlanta Airport Road and Camp Creek Parkway, something went wrong with the truck.

The driver said the door opened and he doesn’t remember if he fell out or jumped out. The truck then burst into flames and slid down the embankment along the Interstate. It crashed into two semi-trailers, both of which also burst into flames upon impact.

The initial vehicle crashed into four cars. Miraculously, nobody but the initial driver was hurt. And he only suffered minor injuries. 

The Interstate-285 fiery crash was so bad, police had to shut down both lanes of the highway for hours to clean up the debris and complete their investigation.

The biggest question here for the police is what caused the door to open on the freight truck to begin with. Weather was clear. There was no sign that the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. And he was taken to the hospital so they would have tested him per hospital procedure.

If there was something wrong with the vehicle or the truck door, not only will the driver have a product liability claim against the manager, but so will all of the people involved in the crash. The name of the driver has not yet been released.

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Source: https://www.newsbreak.com/news/2409763792629/lanes-reopen-after-fiery-crash-involving-lumber-truck-semi-carrying-candles-on-i-285