A police chase in Northwest Atlanta ended in a fatal crash on Thursday, November 4. The police had been out on patrol when they saw a car speed by on the interstate. It was driving more than 100 mph. They attempted to stop the car back when they noticed it the first time. This was in the Eastern lanes of Interstate-20. 

It was approximately 1:30 am when they spotted the speeding vehicle. It was a silver Toyota Camry. At the time, the police did not know it but there were 4 people in the vehicle. Apparently, one of the women in the car was a 19-year old pregnant woman. Her male relative was in the vehicle as well.

When the police first tried to pull the car over for speeding, it took off. The police tried to keep up. At one point, the car left the highway and was moving along the city streets in Northwest Atlanta. The car tried to turn onto Student Movement Boulevard.  However, the road was closed off. The Camry smashed into the concrete barrier separating the road. 

With the vehicle driving in excess of 100 mph, the impact with the concrete barrier must have been tremendous. The police indicated that two of the people in the vehicle had passed away at the scene. Two others were taken to Grady Memorial hospital. There was no update on the condition of the two injured passengers.

Despite the fact that relatives were interviewed about the crash victims, the police have not released their names. They did confirm charges were pending but they had not yet been filed.

The families of the victims may have potential legal claims depending on what the investigation into the police chase in Northwest Atlanta reveals. However, the facts seem to indicate that the speeding vehicle’s driver was at fault.

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Source: https://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/police-chase-ends-with-deadly-crash-joseph-lowery-boulevard