Fire in North Georgia Kills 4, Including Father and Daughter

Fire in North Georgia Kills 4, Including Father and Daughter

It seems like there have been a lot of private plane crashes lately. Either that, or networks are reporting more of these crashes. Either way, it’s a terrible tragedy and a horrible way to imagine passing away. This week, a plane crash in Gordon County claimed the life of 4 people.

The plane had taken off at about 10 am from Atlanta Regional Airport. It was headed to Nashville, Tennessee. There were 4 people onboard, including the pilot and co-pilot. Local radar said they lost track of the plane abut 50 miles from Atlanta. There had been snow reported in the area within the hour.

On the plane was the pilot, 68-year old Roy Smith and his daughter, Morgan Smith. His daughter was just 25-years old and was from Atlanta. Another female, 23-year old Savannah Simms, also from Atlanta, was also on the Cessna Citation. The fourth person onboard was the co-pilot, 63-year old Raymond Sluk from Senoia.

Sadly, all four people onboard were killed in the crash. The plane crashed in such a remote part of Georgia that the rescue crews had to take ATV to get to the scene. The crash is still being investigated. Both the NTSB and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab are helping with the investigation. They think snow may have had something to do with the crash.

In cases like this, the investigation is really important. If there was something wrong with the plane, the victims’ families may have a claim for wrongful death. The same may be true if there was negligence on the part of the pilot or his co-pilot.

If your loved one is injured in any sort of plane crash, you should call our personal injury lawyers right away.


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