18-Year Old Killed in Local Skydiving Accident

18-Year Old Killed in Local Skydiving Accident

18-year old Jeanna Triplicata was a recent graduate of Northgate High School. She planned on attending college at North Georgia in the fall. One of the things on her bucket list of things to do before she started college was to go skydiving. Her grandmother had agreed to go with her.

Triplicata went to Skydive Atlanta to complete the dive. She was doing a tandem dive with an instructor named Nick Esposito. Esposito was a 35-year old man from Warner Robins, Georgia.

Jeanna’s family and friends came with her to witness the dive. When they saw her grandmother land safely, they figured it was only a matter of minutes before Jeanna landed as well. Meantime, in the distance, they saw another parachute coming down rather quickly. Apparently, the other diver was their loved one Jeanna.

Before the family could run to where Jeanna came down, a deputy approached them and said it did not look good. Apparently, the parachute that Jeanna and Esposito were using did not open in time. The backup chute opened too late to stop them from plummeting to the ground in a nearby field.

Triplicata landed in a field on Rocky Bottom Road not far from the Thomaston-Upson County AIrport. It was about 12:45 on Sunday afternoon when the dive took place. Sadly, both Triplicata and her instructor died as a result of the crash.

The owner of Skydive Atlanta, Trey Holladay, is working with the FAA to investigate the accident. Clearly, the family of both victims may have a potential legal claim against the company.

The investigation is ongoing to determine what caused the parachute to fail.

If you or your loved one are injured or killed in any kind of accident in Atlanta, call our office right away.

Source: https://www.ajc.com/news/crime–law/breaking-coweta-teen-instructor-killed-georgia-skydiving-accident/hb2YxdS4fvTz1pfym5TYIL/

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