A middle school teacher was recently injured in a waterslide accident while attending a neighborhood event over the Memorial Day weekend with her family.

Valerie Feske and her husband, Brent, were at a neighbor’s outdoor party on Saturday, May 30. They had their two children there with them as well.

The party had a ton of people there, including a lot of kids. The people hosting the event decided to rent an inflatable waterslide for the children to play on. Valerie Feske decided that the adults at the party were being a bit boring. So, she decided to play on the waterslide with the kids.

As Feske was going down the slide, she somehow managed to collide with one of the children. As a result, she fell from the top of the waterslide and suffered what appeared to be life-threatening injuries. She was rushed to Memorial Health University Physician’s Hospital in nearby Savannah.

Feske had to undergo a surgery as soon as she arrived at the hospital. She is in intensive care and is said to have suffered a serious spinal cord injury. As of now, she is still paralyzed from the chest down. After the first surgery, she was able to move one of her arms a bit. Her family and friends are praying that she will regain more of her movement.

So far, no charges have been filed against the family who hosted the event. There is no indication that the waterslide was defective. However, we are confident an investigation was done to see if that was the case. For now, Valerie Feske’s family is concerned with her making a recovery from her injuries. However, they will more than likely have a potential claim for damages.

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Source: https://www.ajc.com/news/georgia-teacher-paralyzed-after-accident-inflatable-waterslide/DmvQ2TIaR6CMEvXaMgZzcI/