A Mayesville crash involving a Georgia Power truck claimed the life of one woman in Banks County. The fatal wreck took place on Monday, May 4. It was reported to the authorities at around 4:30 p.m.

According to the details shared by the Georgia State Patrol, the other vehicle involved in the accident was a Ford F150. The driver of the Ford was headed northbound along Greasy Creek Street at the time. The Georgia Power truck was traveling along the Yonah Homer Road.

As both vehicles reached the intersection of the two routes, the driver of the Ford failed to yield right of way. As per GSP, the Ford driver had a stop sign but continued driving through the intersection.

This brought the Ford directly into the path of the truck, identified as a Freightliner M2. The sheer impact of the collision caused serious damage to the Ford vehicle. The vehicle had two occupants in it at the time the crash occurred. These included the driver, identified as Lois Snipes, 77, of Mayesville. Snipes suffered critical injuries in the crash and died on the scene of the accident.

Her passenger was identified by GSP as Pamela Snipes, 40, also of Mayesville. Both Lois and Pamela became trapped inside the car after the accident. Firefighters from Banks County had to cut through the vehicle to take both victims out of the vehicle. 

Pamela Snipes also suffered critical injuries in the Mayesville crash. She was rushed to the Northeast Georgia Medical Center for emergency medical treatment.

The truck also had two occupants in it at the time of the collision. These included the driver identified as Joshua Simpson, 26, of Athens and Brett Haynes, 24, of Baldwin. Both remained safe and had no injuries to report.

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Source: https://nowhabersham.com/mayesville-woman-killed-in-wreck-with-georgia-power-truck/