It was almost like something out of an action film. You’ve seen the movies where a big rig crashes into a gas station and the whole place explodes? Only in this case, thankfully, there was no explosion. But there was a whole lot of damage and serious injuries.

This past week in Gwinnett County, a tractor trailer was traveling Westbound on Jimmy Carter Boulevard at about 7 am. For some reason, the truck driver lost control of the car. It ended up smashing into two different cars on the Boulevard. Then, the truck went through a red light at the intersection of Brook Holly Parkway and was knocked into the parking lot of a QuikTrip.

The accident didn’t end there. The truck entered the parking lot of the gas station and smashed into at least ten other vehicles. One man was trapped in his car and had to be extracted by rescue personnel. He was taken to the hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. The police did expect the driver to survive their injuries.

Thankfully, and miraculously, no other individuals were hurt in the crash. The two cars that were hit on the highway weren’t seriously injured and neither was the tractor trailer driver.

The truck was carrying nine different rolls of paper, each weighing almost 3 tons. Somehow, these rolls didn’t fall off the truck and onto other vehicles. This was surprising given the fact that the truck actually flipped over and had to be righted by rescue crews a few hours later.

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