Sometimes, when the cops respond to an accident scene, the hardest part is figuring out what happened. If they’re lucky, there are witnesses who saw what happened. Or, the people involved in the crash are able to tell their version of the accident. When neither of these are available, the cops need to rely on other was to determine what happens. This was the case in Atlanta this past Sunday.

At about noon on March 1, 2020, police in Atlanta were called to the scene where people reported gunshots fired. At the time, they had no idea that they were responding to a car accident. They assumed they would arrive to find a shooting victim.

When the police arrived in the 700 block of Garibaldi Street in Atlanta, they were surprised to find a car accident victim, not an apparent gunshot victim. They did confirm the reports of gunfire. However, what they found was something quite different.

They arrived at the scene, they found a man who had been involved in a car accident. They were told that another vehicle crashed into his car. This was an intentional collision. There were no details on the other vehicle or why they hit the victim’s car.

The County Medical Examiner is checking to see exactly what the cause of death was in this case. They know someone fired at the victim, but they don’t know if he was actually hit. They’re waiting to confirm if the victim died because of a gunshot wound or if he died because of the crash.

The investigation is ongoing and the police are hoping to get to the bottom of this case. If you or your loved one has been injured, you need to contact our car accident lawyers right away.