Lawrenceville Product Liability Lawyer

Lawrenceville Product Liability Lawyer

If you or someone you are related to has been harmed when using an unsafe product, a qualified product liability attorney in Lawrenceville can provide important assistance in receiving a favorable outcome.

The Law Offices of John B. Jackson have experience in product liability lawsuits and can help expedite a favorable outcome to your case. We will apply our extensive skills, experience, and resources behind your case to ensure you receive all the respect and compensation you deserve. Call us today at 770-988-6155 for a free consultation.

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What Are Some Examples of Product Defect Cases?

There are a variety of ways the gadgets and gizmos of our modern techno-paradise can be very unsafe. It is essential that manufacturers go the distance in keeping their consumers safe from any possible harm when using their products.

Here are some of the ways everyday items and products can be unsafe due to the carelessness of a manufacturer.

Manufacturing Defects

If a product was not constructed properly it could be very dangerous, even if being used properly, as per the manufacturer’s instructions. In such cases, the defective product can present dangers that no other products from the same production facility feature. Some examples of manufacturing defects include:

  • A vehicle manufactured with substandard parts
  • A lamp with a frayed cord
  • A batch of tainted cookies
  • A coffee pot with a crack that leaks hot liquid

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Design Defects

Products that are not well-conceived or designed can also present many dangers to the consumer during operation. When a product has not been designed safely from the drawing boards, the entire line of products will all present similar risks and dangers to the user. Some examples of design defects could include:

  • A model of SUV that flips over easily
  • A laptop that gives electric shocks when opened
  • A lawnmower whose blade flies off when it spins too fast

Failure to Warn

Failure to warn is a different topic from defective products. As a general rule, a product should carry a fair warning if it does present dangers that are not obvious to the user or that involve proper use and special care when in use. Some failure to warn situations would include:

  • A medication that can cause serious interactions with other medications
  • A stovetop with knobs that get hot enough to burn after the range reaches a certain temperature

Proving Liability in a Products Liability Case

Being a strict liability claim, the only things that the plaintiff must prove when pursuing a products liability case are:

  • The defendant was the manufacturer of the product that caused injury, and
  • The product was defective when it left the manufacturer’s control, and
  • The product’s defective condition caused the plaintiff’s injury

The important thing to notice here is that strict liability actions do not require the determination of fault that is required from other tort claims. In strict liability claims the only two points that matter are that a tort occurred and the plaintiff was responsible.

What Should You Do If You Were Injured By a Defective Product?

There are a variety of reasons that a product can be defective. Sometimes the flaws in the design that makes the product dangerous for use. Then other products are unsafe because of problems that arise during the manufacturing process.

Liability can also be affected by cause, but this will not change the pain and suffering you experienced because of a faulty product. It is important to remember to stay calm and not do anything that could jeopardize your rights to compensation.

Although you may feel like taking the product to the dump, it is essential to keep the product. You must not risk any further danger to yourself or anyone else, but you will need to keep the product if you hope to pursue your case. We will need to perform a thorough examination of the product in question to ensure that it is defective and prove that it the cause of injuries received.

You will also want to collect as much documentation as you can regarding the purchase of the product and bring it to your free consultation with our product liability attorneys. The sooner you speak with us the sooner we will begin the investigation into the causes of your injury and building your product liability case.

How Does a Lawrenceville Product Liability Attorney Prove Fault?

Proving fault in a product liability case means getting the facts and details perfect. This is something we specialize in at the Law Office of John B. Jackson. It takes a special understanding of these product liability cases as well as extensive legal resources to successfully prove fault in a case like this.

To build a successful case we will examine every small piece of evidence from every approach imaginable including company records, blueprints, safety standards and other details when preparing. We will also examine the suppliers and manufacturers to see if they have not acted negligently.

Poorly made wiring is likely to cause spontaneous fires.

While many times these cases are settled in a negotiation, we prepare all of our trials with the intention of proving out points in a court trial. We vow to go the distance to protect your rights and ensure that the parties responsible for your injuries are brought to terms with their negligence.

Who Can be Named in a Product Liability Lawsuit?

Any party present in the chain of commerce that brought your product to your hands can be named in a product liability case. This includes the retailer, wholesaler, parts supplier or original manufacturer. As the injured person, you need not concern yourself with this complex investigation, we have a team of expert personal injury lawyers who will properly deduce the at-fault parties.

What Elements Will I Need to Prove a Product Liability Case?

By Georgia Law, the plaintiff must prove:

  • There was an injury.
  • The cause of the injury was, in fact, the product.
  • The injury was caused by someone’s or some entity’s negligence
  • There is an at-fault party responsible for what happened.

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This case is as important to you as it is public safety. It is the watchful eye of consumers that keep manufacturers responsible to strict codes of safety. As bad as your injuries are, there is always the potential for something much worse to result from faulty products. Your choice to pursue the issue can potentially save lives and the Law Office of John B. Jackson can help.

You should know that Product liability law is quite complex. There will be many things to research, detailed processes to perform and many questions that only those versed in state and federal law can understand. This is why a qualified legal support from Lawrenceville product liability lawyers is essential to getting the compensation you need from the party or parties responsible.

The Law Office of John B. Jackson has the experience and positive track record to allow push your case through to victory. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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