Typically, getting into one car accident is enough for one day. For a driver out of La Grange, Georgia, once was not enough. The police were given a report of a man getting into an accident on Hogansville Road. The first crash happened at about 9 am. The driver – 18-year old Percy Rivera is from La Grange, Georgia.

Rivera was driving his vehicle on Hogansville Road near Shallow Creek Lane. He lost control of his vehicle and had a single-car accident. He was thrown from his vehicle and must have sustained some sort of injury. However, witnesses reported that he got up off the road, climbed back into his car and took off.

Within minutes, Rivera crashed into a curb on Hogansville Road. This accident happened within a mile of the first crash. The tires on his car had been destroyed in the first crash and he was driving on his rims. During the second accident, Rivera lost control of his vehicle. When he hit the curb, his car flipped upside down. Somehow, it flipped back onto its right side.

When the rescue crews arrived on the scene, they had to extract Rivera from his car. He was immediately taken to Grady Memorial Hospital and was being treated for what were described as severe injuries. There has been no update on his condition.

The driver’s mom said that, from what she knew, he was on his way to work in Grantsville Thursday morning. The police did not state if impairment was a factor in the accident. However, they will run toxicology reports as part of their thorough investigation. There is no indication if Rivers is facing any charges at this time.

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Source: https://www.lagrangenews.com/2020/07/30/man-wrecks-twice-on-hogansville-road-thursday-morning/