In the movies, it seems like the people running from the cops always get away. They take off into an abandoned building or run into the woods. The cops either can’t get to them or decide they’re not worth chasing. This is kind of what happened this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia.

A police officer pulled up behind a White Jeep Cherokee. The Cherokee was driving over 100 mph. As soon as they saw the officer turn his lights on, they took off, driving even faster. The car was traveling on Interstate-75 near Northside Drive. It was in the Southbound lanes when the police chase started.

The Jeep Cherokee, while fleeing from the police, ended up crashing into at least 5 other vehicles in the Southbound lanes of Interstate-75. After hitting all of these cars, the suspect crashed his vehicle a wall. Miraculously, he didn’t suffer any serious injuries. In fact, he got out of the SUV and decided to take off on foot.

At first, the driver got out of the car and ran across all of the Southbound lanes. Then he hopped over the median wall and started to run across the Northbound lanes. By the time the police were able to pursue on foot, the suspect had taken off into the woods off the right should of the Northbound lanes of I-75.

Thankfully, none of the people in the other cars were injured. However, if they suffered any physical injuries or property damage, they can pursue the suspect for damages. The problem is, the kind of person who would abandon their vehicle and run from the police probably doesn’t carry auto insurance.

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