On Tuesday afternoon, at about 12:40 pm, local Hapeville police officer Brandon Hickman was injured in a highway crash. The officer was parked on the shoulder of Interstate-85. He has pulled someone over for a routine traffic stop. Out of nowhere, a man who had been traveling in the far left lane lost control of his vehicle. His Lexus SUV managed to cross all three lanes of traffic and end up crashing into the right shoulder where Officer Hickman was stopped.

The SUV continued to travel toward the shoulder and smashed into the back of Hickman’s police cruiser. The impact was so severe, it sent the police officer’s car into the back of the vehicle he had been pulling over. Thankfully, Hickman was inside his vehicle at the time of the collision.

Witnesses who were nearby stopped and helped pull the officer from his patrol car. He was unconscious, waiting for emergency personnel to arrive. By the time they got there, it was clear that the officer was seriously injured. He was taken to the Trauma Unit at local Grady Memorial Hospital.

The authorities have indicated that they expect the officer to make a full recovery. He is still in the hospital at this time. The man driving the Lexus SUV – 24-year old Myame Quiovers from College Park – was not injured in the crash.

As for the two occupants of the car Officer Hickman had pulled over, they suffered minor injuries. They have been treated and are expected to make a full recovery as well.

The police are continuing their investigation. However, they have confirmed that speed was a major factor in the crash. A multitude of charges have been filed against Quiovers.

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