Driving under the influence is not only dangerous for the person driving, but for everyone else in the vehicle, around the vehicle, and even for the police pursuing said driver. Thousands are horribly injured or killed every year by those driving under the influence of alcohol, as alcohol drastically interferes with a person’s reaction times, motor skills, and decision-making abilities. A Georgia man receives DUI after evading police in a chase.

That’s why when Alpharetta, Georgia police clocked a man going 133 miles per hour on a highway Saturday morning on their radar guns, they stopped at nothing to detain him and remove him from the road. The driver, a 33-year-old man who had been drinking and even had an open container of alcohol next to him in the vehicle, evaded police, resulting in a chase down the Georgia highway.

His Volvo sped down the Ga. 400 highway even after police sirens were activated in an effort to escape the officers and an unavoidable DUI before crashing into a concrete median and flipping over the guardrail. Even after this terrifying crash, he was able to walk away from the scene of the accident without substantial injuries. In addition, no one else was injured or killed during this chase and the subsequential crash.

The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety wrote in a Facebook post, “While this driver is facing several charges, we’re so very thankful we didn’t have to deliver a fatality notification to his, or anyone else’s family.”

While everyone involved is thankful this chase did not result in fatalities or serious injuries to the driver, other vehicle passengers, or police, this incident could easily have turned out much differently.

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