Usually, when we hear about a tractor-trailer crash, it’s not the truck driver who suffers the serious injuries. This is because a passenger vehicle usually can’t withstand the impact of a semi-truck. The opposite seemed to be true this week in Bartow County.

The Georgia State Patrol responded to the report of a two-vehicle crash on Interstate-75 this weekend. It was about 5 pm on Friday, August 28. When they arrived at the scene, they found a semi-truck and a Jeep Cherokee on the right shoulder. They were clearly both damaged in the crash.

Apparently, the tractor-trailer was traveling in the right lanes of the highway. A woman entering the highway lost control of her SUV when she tried to merge into traffic. She hit the right side of the tractor-trailer causing the truck driver to lose control of his vehicle.

The tractor-trailer proceeded to hit the bridge railing. This caused a puncture in the fuel tank and the vehicle started to leak fuel. The truck caught fire in the process. Sadly, the fire claimed the life of the person driving the tractor trailer. His name has not yet been released. Nor has the name of the company who he drove for.

The person driving the Jeep Cherokee was presumably taken to the hospital for her injuries. However, the authorities have not provided an update on her condition. Nor have they released her name.

The Georgia State Patrol Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team is still conducting their investigation. More information is expected to be released this upcoming week. The family of the victim may have a potential claim against the other driver.

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