Whenever we see that a tractor trailer is involved in a crash, we worry because we know how dangerous these accidents can be. No passenger vehicle can withstand the impact of a large 18-wheeler. Even if the people survive the crash, they’ll certainly suffer some pretty serious injuries. But, when you add fire to the mix, the results are deadly.

This is what happened this weekend in Gwinnett County, Georgia. A woman driving a Volkswagen Passat was involved in a separate crash. The accident left her standing idle in the right lane of Interstate-85. A tractor trailer was driving Northbound on the highway and was unable to stop in time. They ended up crashing into the back of her car.

The tanker was carrying 8,500 gallons of fuel. When it crashed into the other car, there was a fuel spill. It reached both the Northbound and Southbound lanes of the highway. When the two vehicles collided, the fuel ignited and caused a giant explosion. The police actually saw the flames and smoke from miles away. They ran to the scene but, sadly, they were too late.

Both the driver of the Passat and the tanker were killed in the crash. Their identifications have finally been released. The driver of the Passat was 31-year old Emerald Lynn from Norcross, Georgia. The driver of the fuel tanker was 44-year old Tonas Worku from Snellville.

The investigation confirmed that, upon impact, the tanker flipped over several times. It came to rest side by side along the Passat. So, when the fire ignited, neither driver stood a chance.

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