A fiery car crash in Atlanta that took place earlier this week resulted in extensive property damage at a strip mall. The incident occurred on the morning of Friday, June 4. It involved a single vehicle.

According to the details shared by the Georgia State Patrol, a trooper with GSP spotted a driver speeding significantly above the posted limit on the I-75 and I-85 north split. The speed of the driver, as recorded by the trooper, was around 100mph. The posted limit in the area was 55mph.

At about 4:05 am, the trooper attempted to stop the driver based on the speed limit violation. However, the driver fled the stop instead of stopping. This led to a chase during which the driver turned onto the Buford Highway.

The vehicle which the fleeing driver was operating was identified as a Porsche. As the vehicle reached the intersection of the Piedmont and Cheshire Bridge roads, the Porsche driver momentarily lost control of the vehicle. This caused the vehicle to collide with a raised concrete island, veer away from the roadway, and into the businesses at strip mall leading to the fiery car crash in Atlanta.

The sheer impact of the final collision caused the car to catch fire. The driver of the vehicle was able to flee just in time and didn’t suffer any major injuries. The fire spread from the vehicle to the businesses at the mall. Several businesses suffered extensive damage due to the fire before it could be put out.

The driver of the Porsche was identified as Theodore Merchant, 21. Merchant was first transported to the Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment of his injuries. He was then taken to the Fulton County Jail and booked into the jail.

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