A pedestrian was killed after being hit by several vehicles in a fatal crash on Interstate 75 in Dooly County. The authorities initially identified the victim only as a woman; her identity was later on confirmed as Summer Keeton, 33, of Georgia.

According to the details shared by the Georgia State Patrol, the incident took place on the I-75 on Monday, December 28. It occurred in the evening and was called in just after 6 p.m.

A number of witnesses and drivers called in the incident. The troopers were informed that a woman had stopped her vehicle while driving along the I-75. She then got out of her vehicle and ran into the traffic. The woman, later identified as Keeton, was hit by several vehicles traveling at a fairly high speed. The multiple collisions caused the woman to be critically wounded. 

The GSP troopers responded to the scene of the fatal crash on Interstate 75, along with the local paramedics and first responders. The troopers found that the precise location of the crash was along the southbound lanes of the I-75 just close to the Georgia 27 interchange. Keeton, who was driving an SUV, had apparently parked her vehicle on the side of the road before running into the traffic.

No other persons were injured in the collisions that led to Keeton’s death. Following the incident, authorities shut down all the lanes of the I-75. This was done so that on-site investigation and cleanup could be conducted. The lanes were reopened several hours later.

It isn’t clear whether any hit-and-run vehicles were involved or if all the involved vehicles remained on the scene of the crash. Authorities are also not clear about why Keeton ran into the traffic in the first place. GSP continues to investigate the accident for now.

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