A Fairburn driver of a school bus was pinned underneath the bus she drove after she left the bus in gear as she disembarked. The driver lost her life in the unusual accident that occurred earlier this week on Friday, August 27. Authorities identified the deceased victim as Sandra Goodman, 66.

According to the details shared by the police, Goodman was a driver at the private Landmark Christian School in Fairburn. She had previously worked as a driver for Fulton County Schools for nearly 30 years. Goodman had been with the Landmark School for nearly two years now.

The Fairburn driver was discovered at around 3:30 p.m. on Friday, pinned underneath the school bus. The police was alerted about a possible incident. When they arrived, they initially believed that Goodman had crawled under the bus to check for a mechanical failure. However, they realized upon closer inspection that she had passed away.

Preliminary investigations showed that Goodman had left the bus in gear. As she stepped off the bus, it rolled forward and caused Goodman to be pinned underneath. She died almost immediately. Shortly before the incident happened, Goodman had also contacted the transportation director of the school.

Goodman had told the director that the emergency brake of the bus was malfunctioning. However, a thorough inspection of the bus following the incident revealed that everything was working fine. There were no students on board the bus when the incident took place.

Police continue to investigate the incident. The investigations now include footage of a CCTV camera close to the crash scene. The footage may help the authorities better understand exactly how the crash took place.

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