Two people sustained injuries in a two-vehicle Dublin crash earlier this week. The Dublin crash involved a collision between a parked vehicle and a second vehicle. It occurred in the afternoon on Thursday, July 29.

According to the details shared by the Georgia State Patrol, a patrol vehicle with the City of Dublin Police Department was stopped on the shoulder of the Hillcrest Parkway, close to Brookhaven Drive. An officer in the vehicle was busy running a laser on the north gore of the Parkway.

This was when a second vehicle crashed into the patrol vehicle. This second vehicle was identified as a pickup truck. The sheer impact of the collision caused both vehicles to enter the woods and come to an uncontrolled rest. The crash resulted in serious injuries to the officer as well as the pickup driver.

Once the first responders and paramedics arrived on the scene of the crash, both injured parties were airlifted to a hospital in Macon. The officer suffered serious injuries in the crash but after undergoing emergency treatment, he is reported to be in stable condition. Dublin Police Department later identified the officer as Sgt. Brian Scott.

The pickup driver also suffered serious injuries in the collision. The driver was initially unresponsive but later regained consciousness at the hospital.

GSP continues to investigate the wreck. The focus of the investigations at this point is to ascertain exactly how and why the crash occurred. Although liability apparently lies with the pickup driver, GSP has not confirmed whether alcohol and speeding were contributing factors.

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