Driver walks away from freak accident involving logs with minor injuries. The Final Destination franchise produces movies about freak accidents that kill, from getting trapped in a tanning bed to being sucked into an escalator.

While most of the accidents are far-fetched, a “freak” accident in Georgia has been dubbed “a scene straight from the movie” after logs from the back of a transport truck flew loose and broke through the windshield of a black four-door car behind it.

The accident happened in the afternoon on Monday, October 14, 2019 on Cleveland Highway. The Whitfield County Fire Department responded to the scene, and were amazed to find the driver of the car hit by the logs walking away with only minor injuries.

In a Facebook post, Whitfield County Fire wrote, “Advanced Extrication on Cleveland Hwy this morning. Great job guys! Patient had only minor injuries.”

The driver was extremely lucky, as the huge pile of logs that were dislodged from the truck not only broke through the front windshield, but also through the seats inside and penetrated the back of the car. Photos of the accident show the crazy scene from which the driver managed to escape, leaving first responders thankful that the outcome was not worse.

It has not been stated what caused the logs to become dislodged from the truck on which they were being transported, but the force was enough to bust the front windshield, knock over the seats inside the car, and destroy most of the interior.

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