The odds of being involved in one hit-and-run accident are at least a thousand to one. However, for 32-year old Ciarone Robinson, once was not enough. A few years ago, she was hit by a car and left for dead. Her injuries left her using a walker and cane. This time around the woman was killed in second hit and run accident.

After the accident, the young woman turned to drugs instead of returning to school. She had two children – 3-year old Kamayah and 16-year old Kavell. Ever since her accident years ago, family members have been caring for her children.

Robinson was known to panhandle on the ramps of the freeway there in DeKalb County. That’s exactly what she was doing Wednesday night on September 26, 2019. And, in a scary sense of de ja vu, Ciarone was once again the victim of a hit and run accident.

The driver who hit her took off and didn’t make any calls to the police. Robinson was left on the freeway ramp to die. When she was found, not far from a Chevron station she was known to frequent, she had succumbed to her injuries.

Police said that investigators have confirmed that the victim was indeed hit by some kind of vehicle. They don’t have the make and model of the vehicle at this time. All they know is that she is now dead and that not a single call came into 911.

In cases like this, it’s difficult for the family. They don’t know who to blame. They can’t seek justice. Sadly, this happens more often than we may think. Hit and run accidents, while not impossible to solve, can be quite difficult. Police are looking to see if there any surveillance cameras that may have caught this accident in real time.

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