Usually, when we read about people getting sick from dangerous drugs, we’re talking about prescription medications. There have even been cases where people have gotten sick or died from over the counter medication that has been tampered with. However, more and more, we’re seeing people get sick and die from drugs they purchase from local drug dealers. This is just what happened the other day in Henry County. Dangerous drug injures 4 high school students in Henry County, Georgia

A group of 4 high school students bought what authorities believe was liquid GHB from a fellow student. A 15-year old female students allegedly sold the drug to the girls the night before in preparation for a football game.

The morning of the game, the girls went to the school bathroom where they all ingested this mystery drug. As soon as they drank the liquid, they passed out. All four girls were rushed to the local hospital where they remain.

The girl who allegedly sold them the illegal drug was arrested and has been charged with possession with intent to distribute the GHB, possession of GHB, reckless conduct and disruption of a school.

The school had to lockdown the campus and call in the HazMat team because they weren’t sure what drug the girls had taken. They didn’t know if it was something that could harm other students and personnel.

While the girl was clearly an illegal drug dealer, that doesn’t mean the girls’ families can’t file civil action against the girl. If any of the girls suffer serious injuries or long-term medical problems, the family will have this option.

If you or your loved one has been injured by a dangerous drug, contact our office immediately. We can review your case and let you know if you’re entitled to compensation.