Now that the weather is getting a lot warmer, people are out and about trying to enjoy the great outdoors. With the COVID-19 pandemic limiting what people can do all over the country, people in Georgia are finding ways to have fun on the weekend. Unfortunately, these outings on the water can end up proving disastrous. That was the case for local community band director David “Harry” Harrison.

People in Etowah are mourning the death of the beloved music director this week. Harry decided to take his family out for a day of canoeing. On Saturday, May 2, 2020, the group went out with their canoes at the River Estates Parkway in Canton, Georgia.

Harrison was accompanied by his wife and his children. At about 4:45 pm, the police received a call that there had been a canoeing accident along the creek in Canton. As Harrison was floating along with his family, a rogue log came up and flipped his canoe over. Shortly thereafter, David Harrison disappeared under the water and didn’t come back up.

Rescue crews and first responders attempted to save the husband and father but, sadly, they were unable to do so. By the time they recovered the victim, he had passed away from his injuries. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

David Harrison, known to his friends and family as Harry, was the Assistant Director of Music at Reinhardt University. He was also the musical director of a community band. When they learned of his passing, the entire community mourned the loss and expressed sympathetic words to the victim’s family.

The investigation is ongoing, but the police don’t believe this was anything more than a freak accident.

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