A Chatham County hit-and-run crash resulted in the death of a woman. The fatal incident occurred on Highway 17 early on the morning of Wednesday, April 21. 

According to the details shared by the Chatham County Police Department, the incident happened close to State Route 24. The available evidence suggests that a woman was trying to cross the highway. This was when she was hit by a vehicle. The driver who was operating the vehicle fled the scene of the crash.

After fleeing from the crash scene, the driver continued to travel south, then stopped and parked his vehicle near a business facility at some distance from the accident. Another vehicle then picked the driver up from his location and took him to his home. 

Later accounts by the driver and his family revealed that the driver told his sister-in-law about the crash. His sister-in-law was the actual owner of the vehicle he was operating at the time. The sister-in-law immediately called 911 and called in the crash.

Following the report, law enforcement officers took the suspect driver into custody from his address. He was then taken back to the scene where the crash had occurred. At the scene, the suspect admitted to having caused the Chatham County hit-and-run.

The deceased woman has not yet been identified although her next-of-kin have been notified as per Georgia State Patrol’s crash report. The suspect driver was identified as Roberpier Arroyo Landa. Landa was driving the vehicle without a license when the fatal accident occurred.

He has since been charged with driving while unlicensed, and felony and hit and run. The next-of-kin of the deceased may have a claim for damages against Landa, depending on the determination on the fault. In Atlanta accidents like these, the family of the victim can consult a Georgia car accident lawyer to see if it has a valid claim.

Source: https://fox28media.com/news/local/georgia-state-patrol-1-killed-in-crash-on-highway-17-in-chatham-county-georgia