A chain-reaction crash on I-75 entangled nearly 16 vehicles and resulted in the death of one person. The multi-vehicle accident took place on the morning of Thursday, February 11.

According to the details shared by the Cobb County Police Department, the crash occurred close to the Wade Green Road in Kennesaw. It came about as heavy raining in Atlanta caused the visibility to be severely limited along the highway. A total of seven tractor-trailers and nine cars became embroiled in the wreck, the Georgia Department of Transportation confirmed.

Details on exactly how the accident occurred are still forthcoming. Witness accounts suggest that one of the trucks got rear-ended and broke the axles. This led to a chain reaction. A van caught fire which soon spread to other vehicles as well. A second tractor-trailer saw the crash ahead too late and jackknifed to avoid a collision. This led the big rig to crash into another car.

The accident happened at around 11:15 a.m. A large number of firetrucks reached the scene of the crash to put out the fire which had engulfed several vehicles.

The Cobb County Police Department confirmed that at least one person was killed as a result of the chain-reaction crash on I-75. Only one other person had notable injuries and was transported to the local hospital. The other persons involved in the crash remained safe and were able to evacuate the fiery vehicles in time.

The charred vehicles and other debris from the crash caused the road to be closed up for several hours. The northbound lanes were initially closed but then the police eventually closed down both sides of the road. These remained closed until 6:45 p.m. The closure resulted in heavy traffic congestion along the I-75.

Authorities continue to investigate the incident. It is highly likely that the investigations will determine weather conditions as the key contributing factor.

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Source:  https://patch.com/georgia/kennesaw/fatal-vehicle-crash-shuts-down-northbound-i-75-kennesaw