The police and rescue crews in Northwest Atlanta were called to the scene of a freak accident this week. On Friday, September 11, at about 4:25 pm, they responded to the report of an electrical fire. The accident happened in the 2000 block of Bolton Street in Northwest Atlanta.

A man was operating a cement mixer when he came into contact with some live electrical wires. There were no witnesses to the event so the police aren’t sure what caused this to happen. By the time the rescue crews arrived, the wire was down on the ground. They also arrived to see the man’s cement truck on fire.

The firefighters put out the fire and were able to get the wire off the ground. This was important so nobody else got hurt. Sadly, by the time they got there, the worker was lying next to his truck on the ground. He had already passed from his injuries.

The police have not identified the worker. There has also been no information about which company the victim worked for. They did confirm that the accident happened near Bolton Drive NW and Holtz Lane. The man appeared to have working alone at the time of the accident.

There has been no comment from the family as of yet. However, the accident just happened one day ago. There has also been no comment from the man’s employer. The family will certainly have a potential claim for wrongful death depending on the outcome of the investigation.

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