Legal Car Accident

Rollover Accidents in Georgia

Georgia’s Interstate 20 is a notorious spot for accidents. There are seemingly daily serious wrecks and crashes on this interstate, some involving multiple vehicles. Some of the most serious types of these accidents are when

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Georgia Motorcycle Accidents

Last month, a local Atlanta icon tragically died in a motorcycle accident in Fairburn, Georgia. The owner of a highly acclaimed Jamaican food truck died in a motorcycle crash while racing his bike. The food

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car crash attorney in Georgia

Driving Without Proper Insurance Coverage

The Georgia Office of Highway Safety estimates that over 112,000 people will be injured in automobile crashes in Georgia in 2016. Over 1,100 people will be killed in Georgia in automobile accidents in 2016.  Far

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Google vs. the Government

Google’s autonomous vehicle, the driverless car, has a pretty amazing track record. Though it has been involved in a couple accidents, the only one that was caused by the vehicle was very recent. Given its

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Truck Accident Death

On Monday morning, a three-way vehicular accident involving a truck took the life of a 65-year-old woman in Georgia. The woman’s vehicle, an Impala, collided with a Freightliner after being struck by the front of

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The Life of a Boy

An accident in Georgia has tragically taken the life of a six-year-old boy. A 63-year-old woman was driving a Chevy pickup truck with her 10-month-old great granddaughter and her six-year-old great grandson when it hit

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