The police in Buckhead, Georgia received multiple calls from citizens who had witnessed a terrifying accident this past Monday. Two calls about the Buckhead accident came on the evening of October 11. Both callers reported that a woman had been thrown out of a moving Lamborghini moments before. They confirmed the victim was unconscious and bleeding in the middle of the road.

The incident happened near the intersection of Peachtree Road NE and Piedmont Rd NE. The part of the street where she was tossed from the moving vehicle was directly outside both the “Rooms to Go” store and the “Ice Box Jewelry and Watches” stores on Peachtree Road. 

According to witness statements, a couple was in a grey Lamborghini arguing moments before they saw the passenger thrown from the car. She was tossed out of the open roof of the car and landed in the middle of the road. Other witnesses supported the theory that they were arguing prior to the accident.

While the callers were on with the 911 dispatcher, they reported the grey vehicle taking off toward 400. They did catch the license plate which read “BULL RUN.” It shouldn’t be long before the police are able to identify the suspect. He will likely be charged with homicide when caught.

When the police arrived on the scene of the Buckhead accident, they expected to find a woman who was injured but unconscious. They had the paramedics come out to the scene and take the woman to the hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries. 

The victim was identified as 28-year-old Catherine Kahn. Her next of kin, which were her parents, were notified and interviewed by local media. While her parents have not mentioned anything thus far, they should have a potential claim for wrongful death against the driver. 

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