It’s usually the ambulance that is picking up accident victims on the roads in Clayton County. This past weekend, it was the other way around when a Clayton County ambulance crash resulted in multiple injuries. 

The crash happened on Tara Boulevard near Upper Riverdale Road in Forest Park on Friday, October 9 at around 9:30 pm. It took place 

The Forest Park rescue crews arrived on the scene where they found the ambulance and a second car that was involved in the crash.

The ambulance was carrying a patient and three employees to Southern Regional Medical Center. All four were injured in the accident. A person driving the second vehicle was also taken to the hospital. Three of them went to Atlanta Medical Center and the fourth went to Grady Memorial Hospital. Ironically, the fifth victim was taken by ambulance to Southern Regional Medical Center. All 5 victims were said to be in critical but stable condition.

Investigations into the Clayton County ambulance crash are ongoing. The authorities do not believe that weather had anything to do with the crash. However, they have not issued a cause as of yet. They also haven’t released the names of any of the victims at this time.

When rescue crews arrived, they found the ambulance on its side in a ditch. They are not sure exactly what happened but they do know the ambulance flipped several times on its way to the ditch.

The patient and the other passengers may have a potential legal claim against the ambulance company. They may also have a claim against the second driver. It will all depend on the results of the investigation.

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