For a lot of parents, being a stay at home parent is a luxury they can’t afford. They either need to go back to work after their FMLA runs out or they need the second income. The next best thing to staying home is to take your kids to a daycare that you trust. Most daycare centers and pre-schools are perfectly safe. Sadly, hundreds of kids die every year in daycare center accidents and incidents. This was the case recently in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

2-year old Carolinen Thome was ready to celebrate her third birthday this past December. Her parents dropped her off at Primrose School, the child’s daycare center. Later that afternoon, they heard the worst news of their lives. Their daughter was eating her snack while at the daycare. She choked on her snack and died.

The CDC has a list of foods that daycare centers aren’t allowed to feed their students because of a high choking hazard. Some of these are:

The Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning follows this guideline. They warn all daycare owners and parents of the dangers of these foods. While we’re not yet sure what the 2-year old was eating at the time of the choking accident, it may have been on this list.

The family of the victim has not spoken out. However, Suzanne Darley, the owner of a separate daycare center said her staff are trained to watch out for these hazards. Darley has no relation to Primrose School.

The owner of the school has not replied to any inquiries.

If your loved one is hurt or injured while at a daycare or preschool, contact our Atlanta personal injury attorneys immediately. You may have a potential legal claim against the owner of the daycare center.