Homecoming is a time for high schoolers to dress up, go out for a nice dinner, and dance the night away in celebration of school spirit. It’s considered a rite of passage by most teenagers, and is a night most will never forget. 2 teens injured, 1 killed in horrific homecoming crash.

However, October 4, 2019 was a night the students of Dade County High School would never forget for all the wrong reasons after two teens were hurt and one was killed during a crash on Daniels Road in North Georgia. The accident occurred at 6:20 p.m. on the evening of the homecoming dance and involved only one other vehicle. The teenagers involved in the crash were reported to be en route to their homecoming celebration at the time of the crash.

As the Georgia State Police is still investigating the cause of this crash, and out of respect for the families’ privacy, no names of those injured or killed have yet been released. However, it has been confirmed by the superintendent of Dade County Schools that two of those students involved in the crash were school band members.

Following the atrocious accident, all homecoming activities were canceled out of respect for the students involved in the crash. To comfort students during this time of shock and grief, Dade County Schools brought in chaplains for counsel.

It is without a doubt that the students of Dade County High School will remember this night forever – not as a night of fun and laughter, but one of tragedy. Instead of celebrating their school pride, they mourned the loss of one of their own.

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