The authorities in Hall and Forsyth Counties are trying to solve two mysteries. Both occurred over the holiday weekend and resulted in the deaths of two men. While details of one of the drownings have not yet been released, the second incident is still under investigation.

At about 6 pm on Friday, July 3, the police responded to a boating accident on Lake Lanier. Lake Lanier is located about 50 miles Northeast of Atlanta. It is a 40-acre reservoir and is situated near the Duckett Mill Campground.

The police responded to a report that a man had jumped off a moving boat in the middle of Lake Lanier. The man has been identified as 59-year old Bruce Lee Hild of Winterville, Georgia.

Rescue crews from both Hall and Forsyth Counties rushed to the scene to help. After the man jumped from the vessel, witnesses lost track of him. He did not resurface. It took about an hour for rescue crews to recover the body of Hild. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

This has been categorized as a boating fatality. Sadly, it was the second fatality that took place on Lake Lanier this past holiday weekend. The second incident involved the drowning of a 45-year old man. His name has not yet been identified.

The police are still investigating this incident. There does not appear to have been anyone else on the boat with Hild. There is been no confirmation that impairment had any impact on the accident. There also is no information as to whether or not there was a defect with the boat or it’s engine.

The family of Hild may have a potential legal claim against the boat manufacturer. However, they’ll have to wait for the investigation to be completed.

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